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 Rules to Writing Music Reviews (READ BEFORE REVIEWING)

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Trent Rez

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PostSubject: Rules to Writing Music Reviews (READ BEFORE REVIEWING)   Wed Apr 20, 2011 9:33 pm

I know you all just have a voice about each 'masterpiece' of music. (And I quote "masterpiece" because all of you would like to hate on "Fried Eggs". So do I.) Unfortunately, there are rules to posting up your music reviews. Just to prevent trolls abusing the reviewing system. In this case, Beiber haters, Rebecca Black haters, and even Beatles lovers.

1.For each user, there should be ONE music review thread!
If I were to make a thread, which I will, I will have the title "Shredder2's Music Reviews". This is to preserve forum threads, and save a lot of time scrolling through pages of reviews, trying to find yours, or even a friends' review. It would be a lot more simple to just type in a username in the search bar to find their music reviews.

"Does that mean I have to write a maximum of ONE review?"
No. You can write as many reviews as you can in your thread. Just post up an organized list with post links within it. If you don't know what I mean by that, PM ME!

Happy freedom of speech.


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Rules to Writing Music Reviews (READ BEFORE REVIEWING)
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